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Complete Brand Set Up

Website Development 

Marketing Collateral 

Inicio Interiors approached us with the goal of establishing a strong, distinctive brand identity and creating a service-based website to showcase their key expertise. Our mission was to create a brand that reflects the unique blend of modern elegance and vibrant creativity that Inicio Interiors brings to their projects, and to develop a website that effectively communicates their services and expertise to potential clients.

Brand Identity

  • Logo Design: Created a unique and versatile logo that embodies Inicio Interiors' commitment to contemporary and stylish design.

  • Color Palette: Developed a bold color palette featuring pink and grey to convey a sense of sophistication and modernity. The vibrant pink captures attention and adds a playful yet elegant touch, while the grey offers a balanced and professional contrast.

  • Typography: Selected and customised the Galano typeface, known for its clean lines and strong presence, to ensure readability and a cohesive visual language across all brand materials.

  • Compiled a comprehensive brand guide that outlines the usage of the logo, color palette, typography, and other visual elements. This guide ensures consistency in all future branding efforts and marketing materials.

Logo Mark Dark.png

Website Development

  • Developed a responsive and user-friendly website that highlights Inicio Interiors' key expertise and services.

  • Features of the website include:

    • Home Page: An engaging overview of Inicio Interiors, showcasing their unique value proposition and recent projects.

    • About Us: A detailed narrative about the company’s history, vision, and team.

    • Services: Comprehensive descriptions of the services offered, including interior design, space planning, and project management.

    • Testimonials: Client reviews and feedback to build trust and credibility.

    • Contact Us: Easy-to-use contact forms and information to facilitate client inquiries and consultations.

  • Integrated SEO best practices to improve search engine visibility and attract potential clients.

Marketing Collateral

To support the new brand identity, we created a suite of marketing materials, including:

  • Professional business cards that make a lasting impression

  • Branded email signatures to ensure consistency in all communications

The rebranding and website development project for Inicio Interiors has successfully established a compelling and cohesive brand identity and an effective online presence. The bold color palette and modern logo design have made the brand instantly recognisable, helping Inicio Interiors stand out in the marketplace.

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