Back to where it all started for IADG, our Social Media division helps to effectively run our client's social media accounts. Social Media provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to not only develop their brand quickly and efficiently, but it also provides direct connectivity with customers helping to keep consumers aware of exactly what can be offered in real-time.

Negotiating the steps along the way to set up an operational business can sometimes seem a bit daunting and overwhelming. However, it is something we have lots of experience with at IADG. Our MD, Trisha, heads our Business Consultancy team and provides sound strategical advice helping to transform your ideas and aspirations to realities.  

At the core of any thriving business stands a sophisticated and recognisable brand identity. Let our Brand Development division assist in creating an individuality to help propel your venture forward. With a team of graphic and digital designers on hand to aid in logo development and the production of advertisement material and essential links with bulk printers and merchandising specialists, IADG has your label launchpad locked down.

Headed up by our Content Creation specialist and working journalist, Aaron, our PR service provides an essential cog in all our brand development solutions. Specialising in textual advertisement, press releases and the development of content to be used on company websites, the aim is to keep written copy focussed, audience-driven and, ultimately, of a distinct quality as to generate new business links.

The online shop window! The need for a business website to incorporate a sleek aesthetic and user-friendly portfolio or e-commerce design has never been greater. With access to a team of experienced website designers ready to consult with you on the best fit for your business, IADG is intent on maximising your online appeal at the earliest possible juncture.

In our ever-more connected and informed world, the competition for air above the throngs of your online competitors can increasingly determine the life and death of many small to medium enterprises. In the race to optimise web presence, no one can be found stalling. Thankfully, we have SEO expert Rachael and her unique skillset available to our client base to help keep your business to the fore through SEO Optimistation, Google AdWords, Google and Amazon Shopping campaigns.

With direct access to some of the UK and Ireland’s leading social media influencers, our Social Talent Management division can have your business and/or its products exposed and endorsed by individuals with cult online followings – a key tool waiting to be utilised in today’s en vogueconsumer society.

Should you be considering hosting any type of event designed to raise awareness of a business, its wares or indeed a charitable cause, look no further than our experienced Event Management team. Having overseen the running of many high-profile engagements in the past, including our very own annual Frockin’ Fabulous extravaganza, we are well versed in providing all the trimmings to make any showpiece a success at a cost-effective price.