Boost Package

Hello….it’s me 👋🏼


Ok, so hear us out! Have you been winging it with your content, not consistently showing up on social or maybe you’re new to the game and you don’t really know where to start 🤔

That’s where we come in 💥

 For the month of January and February we’re on YOUR TEAM, and we’re going to get you the social content you’ve been missing, the sales you’ve be wanting and the audience you deserve!!

 We’re opening this up to all businesses. HOWEVER, we only have a few spots, so don’t hang about. Making the change now will determine what your business looks like 12months from now 🚀

 🚨 Oh and we forgot the best part, you can get this now, today at a MASSIVELY discounted rate. YEAP, that’s right! 

 Drop us a DM and we’ll add the fireworks.

 Team IADG x